Interests: Macroeconomics, International Economics


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    with Javier Garcia-Cicco (Banco Central de Chile),  and Martin Uribe (Columbia University)

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  3. The Heterogenous Great Moderation
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    Online Appendix
    – Matlab Toolkit to run the SCI-Tests: Download

  4. The Price of Capital and the Financial Acceleration
    Economics Letters, Volume 140, December 2016, Pages 86-89
    with Hernan Seoane (U. Carlos III de Madrid), and Marija Vukotic (University of Warwick)
    – Code for solving BGG with the equilibrium price of capital Download
    – Replication files  Download

  5. Inflation Sensitivity To Monetary Policy: What Has Changed since the Early 1980’s
    Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Volume 81, Issue 1, April 2019, pp 412-436

    with Marija Vukotic (University of Warwick)

  6. Endogenous Partial Insurance and Inequality
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    with Hernan Seoane (U. Carlos III de Madrid), and Marija Vukotic (University of Warwick)

  9. Transparency, Political Conflict, and Debt
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  10. Geographic negative correlation of estimated incidence between first and second waves of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) in Italy
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  11. Covid-19: Regional policies and local infection risk. Evidence from Italy with a modelling study
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    with Gabriele Guaitoli (U. Warwick)

  12. How Distorted Food Prices Discourage Healthy Diet
    Science Advances, 30 March 2022, Vol. 8, Issue 13
    with Thijs Van Rens (U. Warwick) and Marija Vukotic (U. Warwick)




  • Spatial Equilibrium and Age Inequality [Work in Progress] with Gabriele Guaitoli (U. Warwick) and Damiano Raimondi (U. Warwick).

  • Endogenous Amenities and Age Distribution in the UK [Work in Progress]
    with Gabriele Guaitoli (U. Warwick) and Marta Santamaria (U. Warwick).

  • Performance-based contracts, Income Inequality and Wealth Inequality [Work in Progress]
    with Pablo Beker (U. Warwick) and Carlo Perroni (U. Warwick).

In addition, in 2023 I have started an ambitious medium-term research project related to intergenerational economic inequality in the UK. The project consists of three papers (one in macroeconomics, one in labour economics, and one in urban economics), all related to the topic. More information will be available soon.