Interest: Macroeconomics, International Economics


  1. Real Business Cycle in Emerging Countries?
    American Economic Review, 100, December 2010, 2510-2531
    with Javier Garcia-Cicco (Banco Central de Chile),  and Martin Uribe (Columbia University)

  2. How Beneficial Was the Great Moderation After All?
    Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol.46, September 2014, 73-90

  3. The Heterogenous Great Moderation
    European Economic Review, Volume 74, February 2015, Pages 207–228
    Online Appendix
    – Matlab Toolkit to run the SCI-Tests: Download

  4. The Price of Capital and the Financial Acceleration
    Economics Letters, Volume 140, December 2016, Pages 86-89
    with Hernan Seoane (U. Carlos III de Madrid), and Marija Vukotic (University of Warwick)
    – Code for solving BGG with the equilibrium price of capital Download
    – Replication files  Download

  5. Inflation Sensitivity To Monetary Policy: What Has Changed since the Early 1980’s
    Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Volume 81, Issue 1, April 2019, pp 412-436

    with Marija Vukotic (University of Warwick)

  6. Endogenous Partial Insurance and Inequality
    Journal of European Economic Association, Accepted. March 2019
    with Eric Mengus  (HEC Paris).