Replication Files for “Transparency, Political Conflict, and Debt”, by Roberto Pancrazi and Lorenzo Prosperi
*please, cite the paper*

Download the ZIP file here

Here is the description of the replication package.

    This excel file contains all the relevant variables needed to run the regression (1) in the paper and to obtain Table 3. Each sheet contains the data time series data for each country. The data description can be found in the paper.
  2.  Regression_Main.R
    This is an R script that loads the excel file and generates the cross-country dataset used in the regressions. Moreover, the code estimates the regressions presented in Table 3 of the paper.
  3.  output_reg_debt (both in tex and html format)
    This is the regression table corresponding to table 3 in the paper, automatically generated by the R script
  4.  RUN_replication_model_data.m
    This is m file that generates the comparative static of the model predictions presented in Figure 3. This main file calls the following functions:

    4.1 tauchenhussey.m
    This m function , created by Martin Floden, Stockholm School of Economics January 2007 (updated August 2007) is an implementation of Tauchen and Hussey’s algorithm, Econometrica (1991, Vol. 59(2), pp. 371-396), to discritize a AR(1) process

    4.2 Partisan_Nperiods_function.m
    This m function computes the value function and the policy function of the model, using backward induction and given the set of parameters inputed in the main file

    4.3 Partisan_Nperiods_sim.m
    This m function simulates the model, given the value and policy function computed by the file above.

    This mat file loads all the variable needed to run equation (21) and (22).
  6. RUN_replication_model_data.m
    This m file runs the regressions (21) and (22) and obtains the results in Table 7


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